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Anh Văn Lớp 6


Môn thi : Tiếng Anh
Thời gian : 60 phút

Lưu ý : Thí sinh ghi câu trả lời của mình vào  Chỗ trống cho sẵn trong mỗi phần ( Chỗ trống : _________ )
Chúng tôi đã không để chỗ trống cho các bạn vì các chỗ trống sẽ bị lệch nhau, xin lỗi các bạn.


chocolate           a donkey           a towel            rain             a calendar           a horse the chemist’s     an apartment          sunshine         the anthem          traffic           newsa mechanic         maths          an envelope       a dictionary          nurses          a  stadium

Example : This food usually brown. You can eat or drink it. untitled

1. You can buy medicines and toothbrushes from this shop.
2.Many people live in this kind of home. All the rooms are
usually on the same floor.
3.You dry yourself with this when you are wet after a bath
or a shower.
4.People use this kind of book to find the meaning of a word
or a phrase.
5.This is an interesting subject, but sometimes pupils find it
rather difficult.

6.These people wear uniforms and they help the sick.
7.When there are black clouds and wind, this is going to

8.This is where soccer games take place.

9.You can use this to know about months, dates, and days.
10.You sing this song at the beginning of the week in the school
11.People used this animal to travel from place to place. And now
you can see this animal at races.
12.There are a lot of cars and bikes in it. At rush hours it often
makes you feel annoyed.

13.We put a letter or a card in this before we post it.
14.You can read this in paper, or hear it on TV and the radio.
15.This person helps you to fix machines in the house or your

Read the conversation and choose the best answer. Write a letter ( A-M ) for each answer. You do not need to use all the letters. There is one example.

A.Yes. Don’t work too hard.

B.Don’t ask me !

C. I don’t think so. It’s not serious.

D.You are welcome! Good bye.

E.Hello, Dr. Young ( Example )

F.Will it take long?G.Let’s go to the cinema.

H.I’m going to give you some pills.

I.And don’t drink tea, coffee, or soda.

J.Not so good.

K.I don’t know. I just can’t sleep at night.

L.I’m exhausted.

M.Take one pill every night after dinner.


  Receptionist: Dr.Young, this is Ms.West                           

Ms.West:  (0)untitled(1)
Dr.Young: Hello, Ms. West. How are you today?
Ms.West:  ( 1 )     ___________

Dr.Young: So, what’s wrong, exactly?
Ms. West: ( 2 )     ___________
Dr.Young: Why are you so tired?
Ms. West: ( 3 )     ___________
Dr.Young: OK. Let’s take a look at you.
Ms. West: ( 4 )     ___________
Dr.Young: No, it won’t. Don’t worry.
A few minutes later…
Dr.Young: ( 5 )     ___________
Ms.West:Pills? Ah, yes, Dr.Young.
Dr.Young: ( 6 )     ___________
 Ms.West: OK.
Dr.Young: ( 7 )     ___________                      

Ms.West: Anything else?
Dr.Young ( 8 )      ___________
Ms.West: All right. Do I need to come back?
Dr.Young ( 9 )      ___________
Ms.West: Thank you very much, Dr.Young.
Dr.Young: ( 10 ) ___________
 Ms.West: Thanks again.You’ve been so kind.
CHÚNG TÔI ĐƯA PHẦN 3 , 4 ( PHẦN  CUỐI CÙNG ) LÊN TRANG SAU… ☺ Chúc các em học tốt ☺


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